[Bro] how to set the permission of network interface about pcap_open_live

Shine Qi shine_qi at sina.com
Wed Aug 23 20:26:55 PDT 2006


  I just install bro program,while I run it with "bro -i eth0 mt",many warning message occured,they like followed:
  /usr/local/bro/policy/hot.bro,line 30:warning:no such host:ph33r.the.eleet.com
  /usr/local/bro/policy/scan.bro,line 104:warning:no such host:scooter2.sv.av.com
  /usr/local/bro/policy/scan.bro,line 133:warning:no such host:b.root-servers.net

  at last,have a error message:problem with eth0 - pcap_open_live:socker:Operation not permitted
  what should I do?
  thanks very much!


            Shine Qi
        shine_qi at sina.com

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