[Bro] Bro and OpenBSD 4.0 issues

Jean-Philippe Luiggi jp.luiggi at free.fr
Mon Dec 4 10:36:26 PST 2006

Hello Tim,

Beside of the fact you run the "base" OpenBSD 4.0 and myself the
development's version, i can't figure out (yet) where's the problem.

In didn't notice in the files you  sent (but i may be wrong) the result of the "make".
Could you send it please ?

Best regards.

On Sun, Dec 03, 2006 at 10:14:24PM -0500, Tim Fowler wrote:
> Hello Christian, 
> How are you?  I really appreciate the response back.  I have attached the
> config.log from my last attempted build, which I used the "make" program
> that came default with the base install.  I tried it again with "gmake" and
> received the same errors.  In regards to the build I use, here are the
> packages I use:
> OpenBSD 4.0 
> bsd, bsd.rd, base40.tgz, comp40.tgz, etc40.tgz, man40.tgz, misc40.tgz
> Updates
> 1. I install the latest version of libpcap.
> Thank you,
> Tim Fowler

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