[Bro] Strange Bro build problem with yacc/bison

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Mon Dec 4 12:03:36 PST 2006

Hi Randy,

On Mon, 2006-12-04 at 11:44 -0700, frenzy at frenzy.org wrote:
> I am getting this on a FreeBSD 5.4 system also. It seems that
> make_parser.pl is not getting called to interpret the parse.y file.
> If I run 'make_parser.pl byacc' manually, then the build completes.

I think the problem is that it seems we ship a parse.y with the tarball,
even though it should be generated. The shipped one seems to cause
problems on some systems. Can you try the following?

- Unpack the tarball again
- cd src
- rm parse.y
- cd ..
- ./configure etc

and see if it works?


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