[Bro] Bro and OpenBSD 4.0 issues

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Tue Dec 5 14:51:36 PST 2006

Hi Tim,

thanks for that. Your config.log points out a few things very useful to

- The check for netinet/if_ether.h fails, but not because the file
doesn't exist, but because on OpenBSD compiling a program with it
requires additional headers to be included:

/usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:140: error: field `ea_hdr' has incomplete type
/usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:158: error: field `ac_if' has incomplete type
/usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:161: error: syntax error before "LIST_HEAD"
/usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:166: error: syntax error before "LIST_ENTRY"
/usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h:222: error: syntax error before "LIST_ENTRY"

- ns_msg is (correctly, I believe) not found, and thus nonblocking DNS
is disabled. As far as we're concerned, our configuration checks work
fine here and we simply can't support nonblocking DNS on OpenBSD at the
moment. Patches are very welcome.

Regarding your build errors, it seems from the output you have posted in
your follow-up email that you also have encountered the parse.cc
problem, since the build stops there. See my mail from yesterday for
possible workarounds.


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