[Bro] Notice.log

CS Lee geek00l at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 22:25:51 PST 2006

Hey all

I come across this log recently, it is from notice.log. I'm wondering what
is actually indicated by content gap, checking on mailing list and I found
vern talked about it when someone mentioned packets drop. I would like to
know what Content Gap means and the rate (> 1/175) or (> 1/1400).

1158285796.903890:ContentGap:NOTICE_ALARM_ALWAYS::> content gap (> 1/175)::@21
1158285796.976927:ContentGap:NOTICE_ALARM_ALWAYS::> content gap (> 1/1400)::@22


Best Regards,

CS Lee<geekooL[at]gmail.com>
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