[Bro] any experience on BRO into hardware

scott campbell scampbell at lbl.gov
Wed Dec 13 10:58:57 PST 2006

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There have been a number of efforts along these lines, but most of them
have focused less on taking the entire bro entity (or more likely the
event engine side) and punting it all into hardware.

In no particular order, you may want to look at:


also Nick Weaver at ICIR may have some insight.

There has been significantly more work done on taking the bpf burden off
a host and running that in hardware.  There are several different
companies that have products for this, but one that I have personal
experience with is the Force 10 P10 device.  There is also a 1 gig
version as well.

In general I suspect that there is less to gain by running the entire
application on ASIC - there is still a considerable burden associated
with memory bandwidth and state maintenance.  On the other hand if a
more knowledgeable person on this list has a different opinion, I would
be happy to recant.

Hopefully this is a little helpful?



Jules wrote:
> Hi Scott
> That's what I meant. I was talking about something like ASIC or FPGA.
> thanks
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> Jules wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> Just wondering if someone has an experience compiling Bro into Hardware? 
>>> Thanks
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> Are you asking about some sort of pcap/bpf in hardware offloading, an
> actual implementation of bro on dedicated hardware (like an ASIC), or
> something else?
> thanks!
> scott
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