[Bro] Bro logging

David Vasil dmvasil at ornl.gov
Mon Feb 20 08:35:58 PST 2006

Hello,  I'm using Bro 1.0 with some success at high rates of traffic.  I
would like to configure some automatic handling of
signiture/portscans/etc by parsing log output with SEC and syslog-ng.  I 
set 'redef syslog_alarms = T;' in my site policy after which Bro failed 
to start giving this warning:

line 51 (syslog_alarms): error, "redef" used but not previously defined

I tried setting 'global enable_syslog = T &redef;' instead, but it didnt 
seem to put any of the warnings from signitures in syslog.

What is the proper way of doing this?  Thanks.

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