[Bro] summary of short Bro User Survey results

Brian Tierney bltierney at lbl.gov
Mon Jan 30 10:59:42 PST 2006

Here are the summarized results so far.

If you haven't replied yet, please do!

- Using Bro as the primary production network IDS for your site/group
	4  (LBL, NERSC, NCSA, 1 small business net)
- Using Bro as the secondary production network IDS for your site/group
- Using Bro for off-line analysis for forensics, etc.
- Using Bro for traffic characterization studies only
- just playing around with Bro.
- currently just playing around with Bro, but hoping to use it in  
production soon

Other replies:
   - using Bro as part of a NIDS product
   - using Bro for research purposes

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