[Bro] BRO gets Autorestarted or Killed

Anandraj anandrajm at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 27 08:55:45 PDT 2006

Hi All,

I m facing a strange problem . 
I made some changes to the BRO code to Detect Bittorrent Traffic , a
simple implemenation of detecting Traffic on port 6881 
. I was able to detect bittorrent pkts on port 6881 on linux desktop PC.
when i moved the same code base to a Transparent Bridge kinda of setup ,
where the bittorrent traffic passes through the bridge .. ..I was facing
some strange problems , like the bro process either get restarted when
it gets a packet (any packet) or the process gets killed when it gets a
packet .

Could someone help me out on this ?


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