[Bro] bro cannot read large pcap file!!

Jay Hwang hahaman5 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 07:08:34 PST 2006

Hi, I want to run bro with 300GB pcap file but it cannot run

jhwhang at wien:~/bro-0.9a11$ bro -r ~/jh/20051107_2200_2h_Rx.pcap.2
bro: problem with trace file /home/jhwhang/jh/20051107_2200_2h_Rx.pcap.2 -
/home/jhwhang/jh/20051107_2200_2h_Rx.pcap.2: File too large

I tried

./configure --prefix=/home/jhwhang/gb/bro/ --enable-largefile


CFLAGS=-D__USE_LARGEFILE64 ./configure --prefix=/home/jhwhang/gb/bro/

but both didn't work

How can I do?

황재호, Jay Hwang, KAIST, CS undergraduate
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