[Bro] Capturing and analyzing IGMP packets

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Fri Mar 17 23:31:37 PST 2006

> I am wondering if Bro is able to capture and analyze IGMP packets ?

Bro doesn't have an IGMP analyzer.  (Contributions for this welcome!)

> I tried to turn all filters off ("redef capture_filters = {};" at the end of
> brolite-sigs.bro)
> I built a very simple signature:
> signature header3
> {
>   src-ip ==
>   event "Header 3"
> }
> When I run with this on a trace containing only IGMP traffic, nothing appends
> even though there is plenty of packets with src-ip == in the trace.

You'll need to redef capture_filters so that it in some fashion includes
this traffic.


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