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salom123 at ok.kz salom123 at ok.kz
Wed May 10 06:47:53 PDT 2006

Hi Bro-Team,

Wanted to make it clear... For example I am running the Bro as follows,

bro -r <tcpdump file> mt -w <some file>

And in the location where I am running this line it generates the files:
- alarm.log,
- ftp.log,
- weird.log,
- etc...

Which one I have to take into account when I will be looking for labeled attacks? I mean, I already have the set of attacks (for example DARPA 1999 Training data, Week 2 data).  Now, which file I have to look for the attacks, to find out if the Bro found any attacks? For the current time I am looking for the alarm.log file to see if the Bro found correct ones. Am I doing right? Thanks in advance.

Also wanted to make it clear for example in SNORT for analyzing the tcpdump files i am writing,

snort -r <tcpdump file> -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -l <some place>

And now i want to do the same but with Bro, what i am writing is

bro -r <tcpdump file> mt -w <some file>

Am I doing it right? If not, please can you explain it to me? Thanks in advance.


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