[Bro] logarithm or exponential function for .bro?

Ruoming Pang rpang at cs.princeton.edu
Wed May 10 12:19:27 PDT 2006


I cannot find any log/exp implementation in bro.bif. But you are
encouraged to add your own (see src/bro.bif for examples). And if you
do so, please send your code to us. :-)


On 5/10/06, Jaeyeon Jung <jyjung at csail.mit.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the best way to compute log (x) or exp (x) (and get
> the double-precision result) in a Bro policy? I notice
> that large-conns.bro has logarithm() implemented, but
> this returns the integer logarithm.
> Thanks!
> Jaeyeon
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