[Bro] &expire_func/&create_expire question

Mike Wood muscletot at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:18:09 PST 2006


Below is a script that I would think should cause the &expire_func to 
execute, but doesn't. (I would expect the expire function to execute 
assuming you run the script on a trace that has packets with arrival 
times separated by more than EXPIRE time, which is set to 1 second 

type test_key : string;
#type test_key : time;

global pkts : count = 0;

function expF (tbl: table[test_key] of count, idx : test_key): interval 
     pkts = pkts - tbl[idx];
     return 0 sec;

const EXPIRE : interval = 1 sec;
global pkts_map: table[test_key] of count &default=0
                             &create_expire=EXPIRE &expire_func=expF;

event new_packet(c: connection, p: pkt_hdr)
     local k : string = fmt( "%s", network_time() );
     #local k : time = network_time();
     print fmt( "k=%s", k );

     if ( k in pkts_map ) {
         pkts_map[k] = pkts_map[k] + 1;
     } else {
         pkts_map[k] = 1;

     print fmt ("pkts = %d, pkt map: %d", pkts, pkts_map[k] );


Also, if you un-comment the test_key line at the top to use the 'time' 
type as a key in the table (and the corresponding key computation in 
the new_packet event), you get the following error:

1163788759.811588 <no location> (1163788759.81159): bad tag in 
Val::CONST_ACCESSOR (time/double)

I tested this on Linux, if that's any use.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Mike
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