[Bro] Debian Bro install

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Mon Nov 27 15:20:56 PST 2006

Hi David,

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 16:38 -0600, David Caldwell wrote:
> I thought I had responded to the list with this one. Yes, I have. I  
> have also installed other packages that were suggested to make it  
> work, but unfortunately that hasn't helped either.
> The thing is everything seems to work fine till it gets close to  
> conclusion. The final messages I get are:
> checking for tgetnum in -ltermcap........no
> checking for termcap in /usr/lib{64}/termcap/......no
> configure: error: libtermcap not found in default paths nor /usr/lib 
> {64}/termcap
> .
> I get that same error even using the  --enable-shippedpcap option. I  
> am not sure what I am doing wrong, but something is amiss here.

yeah, and it's unlikely to have anything to do with libpcap! As the
output says, it's not finding libtermcap. Do you have libtermcap on your
system? It is currently required for the build. On my Fedora system, for
example, I have

$ rpm -ql libtermcap libtermcap-devel

If it's installed but ends up in an unusual location on Debian, please
let us know, otherwise try installing libtermcap and libtermcap-devel
and see if that fixes things...


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