[Bro] Bro 1.2 vs OpenBSD

Jean-Philippe Luiggi jp.luiggi at free.fr
Thu Nov 30 09:08:54 PST 2006

Hello All,

Good news... i was tired to still use the 1.0 so the last two days (i use an old but good
laptop) was dedicated to the stage of making Bro 1.2 working on OpenBSD.

I use OpenBSD 4.0 current and magically :

# uname -a
OpenBSD armada.mynetwork.local 4.0 GENERIC#1227 i386

# ps waux | grep bro
root     25579  0.0  0.4   888   800 p3  I     11:49AM    0:00.07 sh
./bro.rc start
root     14757  0.1  5.8  1868 11164 p3  S     11:49AM    0:01.03
/opt/share/bro-1.2/bin/bro -W -i rl0 brolite.bro

I just had to "slightly" modify "configure.in" and add some #ifdef in the
source tree.

The last surprise was with "bro.rc" and the "old" bug :

# sh ./bro.rc start
./bro.rc[478]: syntax error: (' unexpected

The problem was related to the name of the function in charge to stop the
process. It's called stop() in the script and i suspect a problem with the
shell. I just had to rename it to brostop() to make it functionnal.

so it now works, the next few days will be spent checking if the solution is stable.

Best regards.

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