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Sandro Reichert sanreich at gmx.de
Sat Oct 7 10:21:00 PDT 2006

Hi Christian,

 >> but - it only works with traffic on the listening interface - is that
 >> right? i dont have a network trap or something like this, my
 >> configuration for testing is:
 >> 2 PCs with 1 eth interface connected to a switch.
 >> when i start both bros, there is nothing written into the remote-logs
 >> until i start a port-scan to generate traffic. what would be the best
 >> way to generate dummy traffic ?
 > Mhmmm this is not supposed to happen any more -- older versions did
 > indeed have the problem that communication was "driven" by observing
 > live traffic, but as of 1.1 this should be fixed. Things depend on
 > whether your OS supports selectable file descriptors or not. Could you
 > please tell us what OS you are on, and post (or send me) the config.h
 > file you obtain after running configure? Thanks.

Im using Suse 10.0 on both machines. One Bro1.1 runs on PC 'A', the 
other on PC 'B' runs on VMware Server, because I started testing with 
our wireless 0.9a9 edition and we havnt finished the wireless patch for 
1.1 yet. It should be done within the next days.

A: Suse 10.0 & Bro 1.1
B: Suse 10.0 & "Bro-wireless" 0.9a9
    VMware: Suse 10.0 Bro 1.1

The config.h are equal on both machines.

bye, Sandro				

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