[Bro] sending a question to a special peer

Sandro Reichert sanreich at gmx.de
Fri Oct 20 04:32:11 PDT 2006


Nodes: A -- B -- C
The function send_ping (bro.bif) is used for sending a ping only to the 
given event_peer, not to all peers im connected with, right? That means, 
B can ping C, without sending the ping to A.(?)
Is there a function to do this with events?
A has requested all events from B
B has requested all events from A and C
C has requested all events from B

Now B wants to send a special question event to A, but not to C. I think 
there is no function yet? -> A and C are receiving this event.
My solution is that the event 'question' has a destination-address and 
every peer receiving the event compares this address with its own.

event question(dest: addr, [...])
   if( is_remote_event() && my_addr == dest)
     {do something, awnser}

 >> more or less, i'm writing a short (german) documentation how
 >> inter-bro communication can be used for mobile WLAN clients

 > Cool! Can you send me a copy when you're done?


 > (Or even before if you'd like to get feedback.)
Yes, Thanks!! :-))

Thanks, Sandro

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