[Bro] Bro Download file versions

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Mon Sep 4 10:16:23 PDT 2006

> >>From http://bro-ids.org/download.html .
> On that page I can find only ftp://bro-ids.org/bro-1.X-current.tar.gz,
> which stands for current snapshot not 1.1-release, am I right?

We do not make snapshots available.  Rather, that link points to the current
*release*, which at the moment is 1.1.  You can see this by fetching the
Change Log link, though I can see how this is all confusing.  We'll aim
to clarify the release numbering on that page soon.

> btw: how often that current snapshot tarball gets updated?

We've been doing roughly 6-9 months between public releases.  (Again, these
are not snapshots.)  We're aiming for the 1.2 release around October.

> Don't know is it right, but using svn to checkout, I get asked for password:

Per the above, we don't make the SVN repository publicly accessible.  We
may consider changing this in the future if we get enough requests.


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