[Bro] Progress in the IPv6 support

Julien Desfossez ju at klipix.org
Thu Apr 12 07:25:57 PDT 2007


>> - what do you think is the "best pratice" in Bro to code the support of 
>> ICMPv6 (it's a major update compared to ICMPv4) ?
> I don't know the specifics of ICMPv6.  What are the main ways in which
> it's a major update?

By major update I think about :
- the replacement of IGMP by MLD (Multicast Listener Discovery)
- the Neighbor Discovery Protocol which replaces ARP (broadcast 
disappears, so does ARP) and adds features such as neighbor 
unreachability detection, stateless autoconfiguration, duplicate address 
detection, parameters discovery...

So I think there is some work to do to integrate it in Bro (more than 
just adapting the ICMPv4 part).

As soon as I'm done with the extensions and fragments I will start 
working on it.

Any ideas are welcome :-)

Best regards

Julien Desfossez

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