[Bro] Creating new Val() in multi-threaded bro

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Tue Apr 24 13:32:13 PDT 2007

> Sorry, I'm not interested in Broccoli as that
> is a non-standard interface. For that I'm creating a separate thread
> that accepts SOAP messages and controls Bro on-the-fly.

Well sorry likewise, as we won't be interested in your possible contribution
in that case.

> Your idea of parallelizing the various analyzers is something I have
> considered. Really, it'll only make sense parallelizing the analyzers
> on a single packet.

Please see our papers which explore the possibilities in depth:

	Rethinking Hardware Support for Network Analysis and
	  Intrusion Prevention,
	V. Paxson et al., Proc. USENIX Hot Security, August 2006.


	An Architecture for Exploiting Multi-Core Processors to
	  Parallelize Network Intrusion Prevention,
	V. Paxson, R. Sommer, and N. Weaver,
	Proc. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, May 2007, to appear.


- Vern

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