[Bro] Erata for the refference manual

Hassan Syed hassan.syed at ukplc.net
Fri Aug 3 01:49:01 PDT 2007

Hi guys,


As I couldn't create a login for the wiki I'll post some minor errata
for the reference manual. Hope its found to be usefull.



Table assignment section:


The part to do with making an assignment to an entire table


its a bit confusing as to what this functionality does. Perhaps it would
be better to express this in a fashion similar to the "record
assignment" section. 

where it talks about c'esque shallow and deep copies. The way this
section is currently expressed was leading me to read more between the




Set section


"Also as with tables, you can use the &create_expire, &read_expire, and
&write_expire attributes to control the automatic expiration of elements
in a set. 

Deficiency: However, the attribute is not currently supported."


The attribute lacking is not mentioned causing the person to
cross-reference back up to the table attributes. The assumption is that
the expiry function 

attribute is missing.




Sets and table section


Both sections conclude with "you can loop over all of the indices in a
set/table using the statement."


The statement that does the looping is not shown.




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