[Bro] Erata for the refference manual

Jean-Philippe Luiggi jp.luiggi at free.fr
Mon Aug 6 11:56:34 PDT 2007


I understand perfectly the need to write in English (this is why i'll
do my best to use it) but as you said, i would like to address people 
for whom English documentation isn't of much help, so here my idea.

Best regards,


PS : Yes, i'm more comfortable with French than English. :-)

On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 11:02:58AM -0700, Robin Sommer wrote:
> > documentation using foreign's languages (i mean French for example) ?
> Sure, *any* documentation is good. :-) 
> In general we prefer English text, just because that's what benefits
> most people. If however you are either more comfortable writing
> French or want to specifically address people in the French
> community for whom English documentation isn't of much help, I'd
> also be happy to see a "foreign section" on the Wiki (as long as
> nobody exepects me to proof-read it :-)
> Robin
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