[Bro] runtime-error, value used but not set

Sandro Reichert sanreich at gmx.de
Mon Aug 6 12:04:22 PDT 2007


>> Adding and connecting new peers works fine, but I get the runtime-error 
>> 'value used but not set' when I call close_connection(id). What did I wrong?
> That is a script-layer message indicating that script code is
> accessing a variable which hasn't been initialized. I don't really
> see any problem along with these lines in the code snippets you
> posted. Which line does the error message report? Is it the
> close_connection() call or some other location?

Yes, the reported line is close_connection(id). But the id is set.
print (fmt("remove peerID '%s', host = %s", id, host)); prints the 
correct id (I compared it with the id in remote.log).

By the way: did you got my mail about our wireless patch and inter-bro 
communication I sent some month ago?


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