[Bro] Construction of connection

Sandro Reichert sanreich at gmx.de
Sat Aug 11 08:32:38 PDT 2007


> i would make a connection of protocol TCP, can you give me a 
> documentation or an URL who explain why make this,

do you like to create an inter-bro connection between two bro nodes 
alice and bob? A short documentation can be found in chapter 3.5:

For testing cleartext communication between the two nodes, you can use 
something like following lines.


@load listen-clear
redef Remote::destinations += {
["alice"] = [$host =, $events = /.*/, $connect=T, $ssl=F]


@load listen-clear
redef Remote::destinations += {
["bob"] = [$host =, $events = /.*/, $connect=F, $ssl=F]

To specify, which events you like to register for, use $events = pattern 
  where pattern is a regular-expression pattern. The syntax is the same 
as for the flex version of the lex utility:

I hope this is what you asked for!

Bye, sandro

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