[Bro] A question about generating Makefile.in from Makefile.am

Po-Ching Lin pclin at cis.nctu.edu.tw
Tue Aug 14 10:43:50 PDT 2007

Dear All,

        I added some files under the /src directory and modified Makefile.am
to reflect the revision. I tried to use the 'autoconf' commands (e.g.,
autoscan and automake, etc.) to generate Makefile.in, as suggested on
many on-line manuals, but failed to make it. Unlike the cases on these
on-line manuals, Bro seems not to need 'configure.in' under the /src
directory, but automake will complain of this. I am not so familiar with
the autoconf tools. Would anyone please show me the pointer to solve
the problem? Thanks.

Best regards,
Po-Ching Lin <pclin at cis.nctu.edu.tw>

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