[Bro] Bro is running, but ...

Thorolf ml at grid.einherjar.de
Thu Jan 18 00:41:46 PST 2007

Brian Tierney wrote:
> Have you set the env variable BROHOME?
> This script looks for PID of the current bro to kill by looking
> at BRO_RUNTIME_DIR, which is defined in $BROHOME/etc/bro.cfg

Of course, everything is working fine for few days and then happens what 
I described in my last email.

fw1-net1# ./bro.sh status
Bro is running (pid: 66617)
Autorestart: ON
Running since: Thu Jan 18 04:03:04 UTC 2007
Bro Version: 1.1c
Active log suffix: fw1-net1.07-01-18_04.03.01

I'm now restarting bro using cron for test once a day.


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