[Bro] three things

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Wed Jan 31 13:57:39 PST 2007

Hi Mike,

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 14:03 -0600, Mike Dopheide wrote:
> I'm back and I'm stirring up trouble.

uh-oh. :) I'll just comment on issues #2 and #3:

> 2)
> While looking at (1) I found that all patterns fail with bro-1.2.1 on 
> Fedora Core 5:
> line 54: run-time error: error compiling pattern /^?.*(.*NCSA.*)/
> It happens with patterns I write or any patterns in the provided .bro 
> files.  bro-1.1d works just fine on FC5 and bro-1.2.1 works fine on RHEL4

Thanks for this. We've received another report of this problem, but it
had us scratching our heads. It's great to know more precisely now where
it occurs. We'll look into it.

> 3)
> bro-1.2.1 won't compile on RHEL3 u8, but will on RHEL4.  On RHEL3, make 
> fails with this error:

Ouch. I'm afraid those errors are the installation's fault, since
they're all rooted in streambuf code. :(


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