[Bro] Possible Bro hands-on workshop this summer

James Pichardo jamesp at PartyGaming.com
Tue Mar 6 11:19:43 PST 2007

I would definetely attend.

A couple of of topics I can think of:
- distributed sensor architecture and policy building
- anomaly detection? (A buzzword I know but you probably know what I mean)

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Hi All:

We are considering doing a Bro Workshop July 23-25 at UCSD in San Diego.

Our current thinking is that we'd do a 1/2 day Bro scripting language
tutorial, followed by a couple days of hands-on exercises. All
participants would be required to bring a Unix laptop with a working Bro
configuration. We'd provide sample trace files to work with.

Before we confirm this workshop, we need to get an idea of how many
people would like to attend, and what topics you are most interested in.
The workshop cost should be minimal (perhaps $50) to cover breakfast/breaks.

Please let us know what you think. Replying to the list would be best.


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