[Bro] error compiling pattern: ver. 1.2.1

Seth Hall seth at net.ohio-state.edu
Wed Mar 28 15:03:42 PDT 2007

On Mar 28, 2007, at 5:52 PM, Aashish Sharma wrote:

> /usr/local/bro/policy/http-request.bro, line 42: run-time error:  
> error compiling pattern /((^?.*(.*\/c\+dir))|(^?.*(.*cool.dll.*)))| 
> (^?.*(.*Admin.dll.*Admin.dll.*))/

I thought this looked familiar so I checked through old messages.

Here was Christian's response...
A quick update on this: we can confirm the issue. It seems that for some
reason the generated parser code shipped with 1.2.1 breaks on at least
FC5. We're unsure as to why this is, but it is likely related to the
fact that the bison that was used to create the parser is quite old. For
the time being, the fix is to remove the generated parser files and use
a local bison installation to regenerate them.

To do so, remove the following files in src/ before doing a make (this
removes all generated parser files, not just the regex-related ones):

   $ cd src/
   $ rm bif_parse.{cc,h} parse.cc re-parse.{cc,h} rule-parse.{cc,h}


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