[Bro] include icmp6.h problem

Julien Desfossez ju at klipix.org
Sat May 26 15:33:56 PDT 2007

>> What do you think is the best practice to solve this issue : rename the 
>> variable in dns_pac, include a modified version of icmp6.h with Bro... ?
> The first question is whether the icmp6.h include really needs to be in
> net_util.h, or if it could be confined to the source file(s) that use the
> definitions.
Actually I just need it in Sessions.cc (for the switch on the ICMP type) 
so I will use the #undef solution : it's less ugly than keeping a 
modified version of icmp6.h.

Thanks for your help !

Julien Desfossez

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