[Bro] http-body and binary content

Reed Porada rporada at ll.mit.edu
Thu Oct 11 12:47:07 PDT 2007

I want to reassemble the http-content for various streams.  Right now  
I have been able to generically reassembled all of the content, but  
with mixed results.  The plaintext content seems to be reassembling  
fine, however, binary content has had mixed results.  I have  
successfully reassembled several gifs (minus a newline), but others I  
have not.  Looking at the hexdump of the content output, it seems  
like some gifs are being outputed in ASCII Hex, and others real  
binary.  I then looked at the packet captures, and ethereal is  
showing the binary of the gifs.  The subtle difference that I have  
noticed is that the successful gifs do not have any "X-..." optional  
headers in them, whereas those that are failing have had "X-Cache"  
and "X-Pad" for example.

Any thoughts on why Bro changes its output based on the optional  
headers?  Or why it could be sometimes outputting binary and others  


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