[Bro] http-<x> and empty http.log

Reed Porada rporada at ll.mit.edu
Thu Sep 27 07:50:25 PDT 2007

In trying to get the contents of http sessions, I have run http- 
body.bro against a pcap, and there is not output to http.log.  This  
is the same with most http-<x> scripts, except http-reply.  Looking  
at the traces, I am seeing only  'connection_state_remove' from the  
main HTTP module for http-body, http, etc.  With http-reply, I see  
the events in http-reply, and the 'connection_state_remove' as expected.

I am running 1.3.2 on Ubuntu.

I have looked at the pcap and run it against tcptrace, and all seems  

Any thoughts?


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