[Bro] Bro 1.3.x / FC5 / Linking Issue

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Mon Apr 21 19:27:52 PDT 2008

> I was trying to build Bro 1.3.2 on FC5. Im running into linking issues and I
> wanted to see if there is a known fix before I start racking my brain on
> this.

Not a known problem to my knowledge.

> `bro_new_handler':/root/BUILD/Bro/bro-1.3.2/src/main.cc:373: undefined
> reference to `out_of_memory(char const*)'
> ...

All of the missing functions are in util.o, so the problem is either that
util.o didn't build correctly (and is an empty object) or your linker is
somehow not loading it like it's supposed to.


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