[Bro] FW: binpac related question

Cucos, Laurentiu Laurentiu.Cucos at compuware.com
Mon Dec 1 09:40:12 PST 2008

Hi All,

> Tying to use binpac to create a new protocol analyzer I run into a
> small issue relative to byte alignment. I am thinking this must be a
> known aspect however I didn't find much documentation about it. 
> Padding in binpac works well inside the packet. However, sometime the
> packet ends with a structure that requires padding but the packet
> doesn't carry the extra bytes for the padding. As a result binpac
> fires an exception and the parsing is terminated before extracting the
> data. 
> Here is a sample code:
> type ByteArray = record{
> 	len : uint32;
> 	data: uint8[len];	
> 	pad : padding align 4;
> };
> When the last 6 bytes of a packet that ends with the above record is:
> 00 00 00 02  AA BB    (with: len=00 00 00 02; data ={AA, BB}) binpac
> throws: 
> 0.000000 binpac exception: binpac exception: out_of_bound: ByteArray:
> 8 > 6
> Removing the padding entry from the code above results in a correct
> execution, however the padding is needed for the case when ByteArray
> is strictly inside the packet. 
> The solution I am thinking is way too complex (pass some arguments
> that will help decide if the padding is needed), but I was wondering
> if there is a much more elegant approach.
> Another option will be to change the binpac compiler code
> (pac_record.cc) in method: void
> RecordPaddingField::GenFieldEnd(Output* out_cc, Env* env, const
> DataPtr& field_begin) but I am thinking this case should be covered in
> a different way.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Laurentiu Cucos
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