[Bro] Bro v1.4.0 smtp_port Erreur de segmentation

Seth Hall hall.692 at osu.edu
Thu Dec 18 13:53:54 PST 2008

On Dec 18, 2008, at 10:50 AM, rmkml wrote:

> Hi Seth,
> I have restored snort.bro and added this line:
>   22: const smtp_ports = { 25/tcp };

Ok, I replicated your crash and added it to the ticket tracker.   
Here's the most minimal script I could make that replicated the  

global smtp_ports;
const blah = [$ports=smtp_ports];

I think there are two problems occurring here.  Causing the problem  
between the smtp.bro and snort.bro scripts are these two lines...

const smtp_ports = { 25/tcp };
global smtp_ports = { 25/tcp, 587/tcp };

It causes the error message "(smtp_ports): error, already defined".  I  
don't think that execution should continue after the attempted  
globalizing of the smtp_ports variable.  It seems like that should be  
a terminating error because it should always be caught at  
initialization time and wouldn't just crop up at arbitrary points  
during runtime.  Anyway, I filed a ticket for this too.

Here are the tickets:

> same pb, how create backtrace please ?

Use gdb.

$ gdb ./src/bro
<gdb starts up here>

(gbd) run test-crash.bro
<bro crashes here>

(gdb) bt
<gdb prints backtrace here>


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