[Bro] Bro132ipv6 can't detect data on tcp Syn ?

rmkml rmkml at free.fr
Thu Feb 21 01:27:39 PST 2008

Im playing with bro, but Im not event if tcp Syn contains Data,
run bro with: ./bro132ipv6 -C -r broexampletcpsyncontainsdata.pcap -f 'ip or tcp or udp' bro.init weird
weird.log (and notice.log) file is created but zero size,
Anyone test with joigned pcap file please ?
Im tested with another pcap file and weird event (another event than "SYN_with_data")
Bro v1.3.2 (w or w/o ipv6) on linux redhat fedora core 7 i386.
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