[Bro] IGMP analyzer

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Wed Jul 23 15:18:29 PDT 2008

> I am having trace file containg an attack related to bid 514.

Can you send it?

> snort is showing up but the converted snort2bro rule
> signature s2b-273-8 {
>   header ip[9:1] == 2
>   event "DOS IGMP dos attack sid 1:273:8 bid 514;"
>   header ip[6:1] & 224 == 32
> }

Note, we don't term this an IGMP *analyzer*, just an imported Snort rule.
We don't support such rules other than in terms of fixing problems they
exhibit that are due to Bro's underlying signature-matcher.  (That is, we
don't vouch for the Snort rules, nor try to clean them up, nor support the
snort2bro translation utility.)


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