[Bro] "Meta" event handling?

Stephen Chan sychan at lbl.gov
Mon Jul 28 13:50:14 PDT 2008

Robin Sommer wrote:
> However, I'm not completely sure I got the idea of what you are
> trying to achieve. Would it be possible to do this all within
> another Broccoli client? Broccoli's interface provides you with most
> of the information you look for (event name, argument types (though
> not argumemtnames)). Could you write a Broccoli app that does the
> wrapping?
> Or asked differently, why can't you just send "normal" Bro events to
> your Broccoli listener? It could subscribe to everything[1] and then
> have generic event-handling code which does the neccessary steps.
    This is actually what I originally hoped to do, but there seemed to 
be a stumbling block with Bro not forwarding events, so I was curious 
about the option of playing with things on the Bro side.

    Is there any sample code that shows how you would setup a generic 
handler that has access to the event name and argument count/types?

> Robin
> [1] Subscribing to everything is actually not possible at the moment
> but I have patch which adds that for Broccoli-to-Broccoli
> connections and we could also implement it on the Bro side.

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