[Bro] Ignore Weird Events???

Adriel Desautels adriel at netragard.com
Wed Jun 4 17:11:33 PDT 2008

Greetings List,
	We are currently testing bro and have read the documentation. So far 
everything looks pretty good, very interesting technology to say the 
least. One question though. Why isn't this working?

# This file should describe your network configuration.
# If your local network is a class C, and its network
# address was and a class B network
# with address space
# Then you would put and into
# this file, telling bro what your local networks are.

@load site

redef notice_action_filters += {
        WeirdActivity = ignore_notice,

redef local_nets: set[subnet] = {
     # example of a class C network,
     # example of a class B network

Which results in the following Error:

zerosum# ../scripts/bro.rc start
bro.rc: Starting ..........bro.rc: Failed to start Bro
/usr/local/bro/site/zerosum.testme.com.bro, line 11: error: unknown 
identifier WeirdActivity, at or near "WeirdActivity"

Did we miss something?


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