[Bro] spinning cube

jean-philippe luiggi jean-philippe.luiggi at didconcept.com
Thu Jun 5 17:28:32 PDT 2008


You're right, according to the web page, they used the concept
Stephen has developped :

InetVis is a 3-D scatter-plot visualization for network traffic. In
way, it's more or less like a media player, but for network traffic.
It's quite handy for observing scan activity and other anomolous
traffic patterns. The 3-D scatter-plot concept is adopted from Stephen
Lau's Spinning Cube of Potential Doom.

Just to mention two things for people interested in security data
visualization (a thing often ignored in the field of safety) :

1) http://www.vizsec.org
2) a good book from Greg Conti : "security data visualization"

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