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Stephen Lau wrote:
| jean-philippe luiggi wrote:
| | Hello everybody,
| |
| | I'm sure i'm missing something but on this page it's said " Code is
| | currently not available"... :-)
| You have to ask real nice. :-)
| Steve

Seriously though, I wrote it while I was at LBNL. It's owned
by the Regents of the University of California. My attempts to
release the source code got caught up in legality since there had
been pictures of it in ACM. (read they didn't want someone else
to start making money off it). I essentially dropped pursuing
public release of the code.

It's somewhat silly because the code itself isn't that complex. For
bro, I have a reader that parses conn files and plots them via
OpenGL in three d.

There are other cubes out there that do similar things.

By the way, I also have a little app I wrote that is a companion
piece to the Cube. Give it a series of images and a network address
space and it'll perform a scan that will will show up as a little
animated movie inside the Cube if the Cube is displaying that segment of
the network. Of course the resolution is a little limited
and you risk lighting up all sorts of alarms with it.

I attached an image of it...I call it the "The Evil Otto of Doom".


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