[Bro] URL and datastructures.....

Navdeep Singh bro1338 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 22:37:36 PDT 2008

Hello Mr.Seth the code you have provided is untested ....it not working and its not giving URL's....plz review it and send the exact code...i will be very thankful to you....

@load http-entity
@load http-reply
module HTTP;
event http_message_done(c: connection, is_orig: bool, stat:  
 if ( is_orig )
  local s = lookup_http_request_stream(c);
  local msg = get_http_message(s, is_orig);
  local host = (s$next_request$host=="") ? fmt("%s", c$id$resp_h) : s 
  local url = fmt("%s http://%s%s", r$method, host, r$URI);
  print url;

Thanks & Regards
Navdeep Singh

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