[Bro] Ask for Bro Cluster source code

Kevin Lo kevlo at kevlo.org
Thu May 15 22:12:24 PDT 2008

LuLei wrote:
> Dear Bro developers:
>     I am a college student in China, I am studying network technology.
> I am interested in Bro and IDS Cluster, and I have read the RAID
> Paper, had a brief understanding of the general architecture. For
> further study, I want to know more detail about the Cluster,
> especially how to use Click modular router in implementation of the
> cluster on Linux. May I get the source code of cluster if it is
> possible, and how? 

Check out the cluster source code of Robin's SVN branch:


>     Looking forward to hearing from you.
>     Best wishes,
>                                                                   Leo
>                                                               May 14,
> 2008


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