[Bro] libmagic for HTTP

Seth Hall seth at net.ohio-state.edu
Fri May 30 11:09:54 PDT 2008

On May 30, 2008, at 1:41 PM, Eric Thomas wrote:

> I like FileAnalyzer and its use of libmagic. But I'd like to explore  
> ways
> it can be used for protocols other than FTP, SMTP, etc. Would it be
> possible to expose some BIFs so that the magic number analyzer could  
> be
> used elsewhere, such as http_entity_data? Or is this already there  
> and I'm
> just missing it? Thanks!

Here is a patch for Bro's trunk to add two libmagic BiFs.  
(identify_magic_descr, identify_magic_mime).  I have a corresponding  
Bro script for identifying files transferred over HTTP if you're  
interested in it too.


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