[Bro] error configuring Bro

Sirisha akkala at Colorado.edu
Fri Nov 7 20:46:35 PST 2008

I'm trying again to configure Bro with the following options

 ./configure --enable-shippedpcap --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl

checking openssl/ssl.h usability... yes
checking openssl/ssl.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/ssl.h... yes
checking for OPENSSL_add_all_algorithms_conf in -lcrypto... no
configure: error: cannot find libcrypto, sorry
configure: error: ./configure failed for aux/broccoli

there is a file libcrypto.a in /usr/local/ssl/lib, why is it not able to find? should I specify the path? with what option?
thanks for your help.

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