[Bro] Installing Bro

Christoph Leuzinger christoph.leuzinger at cs.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Nov 11 06:01:37 PST 2008


Sirisha <akkala at colorado.edu> wrote:

> Making all in src
> make[6]: Entering directory `/opt/bro/work/aux/binpac/src'
> /bin/sh ../ylwrap pac_parse.yy y.tab.c pac_parse.cc y.tab.h
> pac_parse.h y.output pac_parse.output -- yacc  -d -t -v
> ../ylwrap: line 111: yacc: command not found

Seems that you're missing a parser generator. Make sure that you have a
parser generator (e. g. bison) installed on your system and add it to
your $PATH, so the ylwrap will be able to execute it.


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