[Bro] Connection records in a database?

Randolph Reitz rreitz at fnal.gov
Thu Oct 2 13:18:30 PDT 2008

I want to stuff connections records into a relational database (likely  
postgres).  Has anyone done this?

My first shot will be to write a simple python process that tails the  
conn.* log file and inserts records.  I'm wondering if there is a more  
elegant way to collect and insert connection records?

As far as motivation, at FNAL we have a issue tracking system which  
includes email notification.  I would like to use bro to find 'issues'  
and then create an event in the issue tracking system.  The tracking  
system workflow will resolve a local IP address into a specific  
machine, find the registered user(s) and send a notification email  
(informational, warning, critical).  It would be useful if this email  
contained a list of recent connections for the system.  This would  
help the recipient understand what recent computer use caused the  
network activity that triggered the issue.  Hence, having recent  
connections in a database would be helpful.

I think time machine might be too much.  Currently I'm thinking of  
saving a small time period - say a rolling week's worth of connections  
(or whatever fits).  I've previously used splunk (http:// 
www.splunk.com) to suck in connection records for later searches. This  
worked, however splunk introduced a delay in retrieval that caused  
problems formatting the notification email.

Randy Reitz

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