[Bro] Connection records in a database?

mel mel at hackinthebox.org
Fri Oct 3 23:53:14 PDT 2008

Seth Hall wrote:

>> My first shot will be to write a simple python process that tails the
>> conn.* log file and inserts records.  I'm wondering if there is a more
>> elegant way to collect and insert connection records?

I have something[1] similar written late last year, which parses Bro
logs and inserts the data to PostgreSQL[2]. I also have an extremely
alpha version of the web frontend, written in PHP with Symfony framework.

I stopped working on it (due to work commitment, mainly) after realizing
that the best way to do it is by using Broccoli - which up until now I
haven't got around to do.

> I'm going to get started on a C or C++ application soon that will use  
> Broccoli to listen to some event which would be intended for database  
> logging.  You would have to run a Bro script that would throw the  
> database logging event for each connection, but that should be fairly  
> easy to write.  We'll see how far I make it with that. :)

Keep us updated!

> Seth Hall


[1] http://security.org.my/brologs2db.rb
[2] http://security.org.my/brodb.sql.txt

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