[Bro] bro-dblogger

Seth Hall hall.692 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 16 20:09:09 PDT 2008

On Oct 16, 2008, at 10:46 PM, mel wrote:

> Seth Hall wrote:
>> I forgot to mention that in order to use this, you'll need to be
>> linking against the version of Broccoli in trunk or broccoli from the
>> soon-to-be 1.4 release.

> bro-dblogger.cc:281: error: 'bro_record_get_nth_name' was not declared

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that it will only work with the  
upcoming 1.4 final (or current trunk).  That was a small update that  
was included after the 1.4 pre-releases.  Sorry about that!


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